We've hauled away construction and household GARBAGE, RECYCLING and ORGANICS


We recycle as much as we can to avoid addition to the landfills.


Keep your work site clean while completing a renovation


DY's Hauling is a family owned business, based in Calgary, Alberta. The company began in 2012 doing junk removals, yard waste, garage cleanouts and we have always strived to recycle or reuse as much as possible. This led us into doing construction bins and recycling construction material, our specialty being bins for re-roofs. DY’s Hauling currently offers a large variety of waste management services including junk and waste removals. Complex, condo and apartment cleanouts. Weekly scheduled garbage, recycling and organics pickups for residential buildings, businesses and acreages. Hauling RVs, boats, toys and other transportation needs. Small moves with you load – we haul services.


Let us know what you want gone, and we'll take it. We take that extra mile and leave your space neat and tidy so once we're done, you're done too. We provide our customers an unforgettable service leaving us to be their next choice for their next job.

Our Services

Full Service Junk Removal

We come to your property with a dump trailer and load the waste material.

Bin Rental and Drop Off

We offer dumpsters (6 or 12 yard bins) for your construction, renovation or simpling cleaning projects. We accept recycled and garbage material, a load of dirt or concrete, yard waste or debris.

Garbage, Recycling, Organics Collection

We come by weekly and pickup the garbage, recycling and compost at your townhouse complex and take it to the required facilities


We have a fleet of cargo and mini-vans, trucks and trailers available for same day courier service. For more information check out


Household Junk

Get back your space, and breathe the fresh air again.

Construction and Demolition

Got that kitchen, bathroom or entire house that's being renovated? We've got you covered with getting the old debris out.

Yard Waste

Have some landscaping plans coming up? Or simply need to cut down a tree? Leave the waste on us.

Unwanted Furniture

No one wants that couch because it's just gross? Let us get rid of it.


Got a new stove, refrigerator and washing machine but they are too old to sell? We'll grab them from you.


Looking to get rid of that TV from the 90s, and thinking about upgrading your laptop as well? Let us recycle your old ones!

Do you need more information or make an appointment? Shoot us a message or call us!